Welcome to 50Qubit

50Qubit is the leading Eastern European network of blockchain experts


We focus on blockchain technology at the leading edge

We provide first class devlopment ressources for international clients

We proud ourselves with deep technological expertise

We combine creativity with attention to detail and professional execution


We bridge the gap between technology and capital

We know Eastern European and Western culture

Our founders’ professional experience covers a unique combination of AI, Big Data, VC, PE, M&A and capital markets

We know C-level thinking because we do it ourselves

We focus on respect & results & agile


50Qubit brings the advantage of a full-time in-house team with an extended network of technical blockchain experts.

  • vadim
    Vadim Mashurov
    Blockchain expert
  • pasha
    Pavel Shidlovskiy
    Lead back-end development
  • kolya
    Nikolay Petrov
    Lead project manager

  • Pavel Kozda
    Front-end engineer

  • Mariana Nudha
    Data Science

  • Korney Vasilchenko
    Blockchain engineer


Hackatons & blockchain protoyping

Outsourced blockchain r&d and programming

Security testing: white hacks, code testing, code audits

AI and big data analytics: www.skein.co

ICOs: www.svs-capitalpartners.com